Monday, April 27, 2015

Vox AC1RV 1-Watt 2x3 Guitar Combo Amplifier, Great little practice amp in my opinion

The few days before. I search for information on the Vox AC1RV 1-Watt 2x3 Guitar Combo Amplifier, so i would like to describe here.

Vox AC1RV 1-Watt 2x3 Guitar Combo Amplifier

Ultra-small mini amps have gained great popularity as first amps or practice amps. Their highly cost-effective price allows them to be purchased casually as an accessory. The convenience of battery power and their space-saving ease of use only add to their appeal. Many professional guitarists like these amps for warming up in the dressing room. The casual guitarist may enjoy .... Read more or Check Price

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Comments from other users

This amp is an excellent addition to any musician's bag of tricks. Used alone it's a fine and funky little unit battery powered with a sound that will rock any room yard or... by David S

This is a great little practice amp. I have a collection of different brands of micro amps and this one is one of my favorites. by jsw

OK this thing is kind-of fun. Having your own personal little "beatbox" is sort-of silly but it has quite a big selection. by Customer

Meh. The sound is super fuzzy I've tried all the settings to get rid of it. More fuzz/white noise than bass. Great for practice looks better in the pic came w/ batteries. by E.Marin


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