Monday, April 27, 2015

Review Danelectro DH-1 Hodad Mini Amp, classic sounds small amp

A couple of days ago. I'm looking for information on the Danelectro DH-1 Hodad Mini Amp, so i have to tell.

Danelectro DH-1 Hodad Mini Amp

The Dan electro Hodad Amp is a tiny practice amp packing classic '60s tone. This mini amplifier has twin speakers a cool echo effect and vintage tremolo with adjustable speed for surprising power and tone you'll love-and the cool '60s styling makes for a great retro look.. Read more or Check Price

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Customer Reviews Purchased this product

Haven't gotten one YET but I34m gonna -- Just FYI this is a tiny little replica of a British golden age guitar amplifier called the Watkins Dominator. by ThomasTheDoubter

Absolutely awesome middle of the night practice amp With onboard echo delay and overdrive this lil guy just plain rocks by The Brinckster

Amazing little amp . Does more than the Honey Tone and has two speakers instead of one . The tremolo is great . Would buy again. Great product . by Robert Edward Jones

I was a bit sceptical about this toy amp.....until I took a chance and ordered this toy for my recording studio. The Danelectro Mini has a small sound but a classic sound.... by NoName


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